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The American Women's Club of Luxembourg

Regular activities

We have many activities to suit our members’ wide range of interests and hobbies. 

This public website provides general descriptions of the AWCL's regular activities. AWCL members can find details like specific activity dates, times and locations in our monthly members-only E-Vine newsletter, along with contact information for the various activity leaders if you have questions. A link to the latest E-Vine and any activity updates or changes can always be found on our members-only AWCL Facebook page(s).

Welcome Coffee (Open to Public)

Whether you've just arrived or have been here for years, the AWCL wants to welcome you! Join us at one of our next Welcome Coffees at the Clubhouse and learn more about the AWCL's many activities. The Welcome Coffee is free and open to members and non-members, so feel free to bring a friend or two. Children are also invited.

Café Français

This group meets at a local bakery and practices speaking French. All conversations are held in French. No lessons, no English- just friendly, encouraging conversations to build-up your confidence to speak French in public.

French Conversation

Join native French-speaker instructor for weekly French conversation at the Clubhouse. Come improve your French in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Feel at home with the French language through conversation and reading. Come learn French or improve on what you already know while finding your way more easily around Luxembourg. Classes are usually held on Tuesdays and address two levels: intermediates and beginners. 

English Conversation

This group exists to help our non-native English speakers improve their English. Participants can feel free to practice in a relaxed environment. This group meets weekly. A golden opportunity to brush up on your vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills in a fun and relaxed way to encourage all levels to feel comfortable participating. A variety of topics and activities to suit everyone such as, articles, role-plays, presentations of your choice and discussion on the latest book recently read or a film recently viewed. 

Luxembourgish Conversation

Join us for Luxembourgish language lessons taught based on situations in real life. The goal is to enable members who do not speak the language to converse in daily encounters by using necessary phrases and questions with confidence and without fear.

City Walk

Luxembourg is an eminently walkable city. Get to know its ins, outs and back ways - great exercise and a lovely group of ladies. Walks are typically scheduled weekly.


This dedicated group explores the Luxembourgish outdoors by hiking. The women hike an average of 8-10 kilometers rain, sun or snow. They move at a pace brisk enough to keep warm in the winter while still allowing for conversation. The group hikes in a different location each Friday morning, with a pre-hike each Monday.

The Ramblers

A ramble is a longer, slower hike. Participants traverse the trails from about 20 kilometers. They stop for a picnic lunch. This group meets once a month.

Cinema Sisters

Catch up on all the current movies with AWCL friends. Since the movie schedules change frequently, join the group's Facebook group for upcoming meeting dates.

Women Who Read

This book club meets the second Thursday of the month to discuss a book over coffee at the Clubhouse.

Philarmonie Concerts at Lunch

Each month from September through June, the Philharmonie offers a free 30-minute concert at 12:30 pm. Performers include a wide range of musical genres and disciplines with many guest artists. Come for the concert and stay for lunch afterwards, available in the foyer for a small fee.

Moms and Babies

This group arranges various playdates, storytelling sessions, and sing-a-longs. Depending on the month and the volunteers, the groups meet either at the Clubhouse or at mothers’ homes. Some moms will also organize playdates at the park or other activities. It varies each month.

Ladies Luncheon Delights
This hungry group goes out in search of Luxembourg’s tastiest eats. Participants try out a different restaurant once a month.

Travel Talk

Want to get great tips about traveling around Europe? This is the group for you. In addition to a main topic destination, participants also talk about recent trips they’ve taken along with any recommendations they would like to share. This group meets once a month at the Clubhouse and is one of the most active ones of the Club.

Sit & Stitch

Bring your handmade project to the Clubhouse and work on it while socializing. This group focuses on stitch crafts that don't require a machine, like embroidery and knitting.


Like to scrapbook? Whether you’re working on a traditional paper scrapbook or a digital one, enjoy the work with friends! It’s always nice to get some advice and new ideas. This group meets twice a month at the Clubhouse.


This is a fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns, known as tangles. Materials may be borrowed for your first workshop while you try your hand at it. Have a chat, make a doodle and get zen! For more information, contact Robin or search online for zendoodle and zentangle examples.

Career Support Group

Many of you want to continue your careers here in Luxembourg. You’ve maybe left a great job, or recently finished university or other professional qualification program and want to be active professionally. Now the question is, how to get into the Luxembourg market, and how to find a job here? What do you need to know about how things work here? Many of us face this question, so the AWCL decided to offer help.

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