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The American Women's Club of Luxembourg

Mission Statement

At the American Women's Club of Luxembourg (AWCL), we are driven by a compelling mission that transcends borders and celebrates diversity. Established in 1959 as a small informal gathering, we have evolved into a vibrant non-profit organization, dedicated to serving women in Luxembourg and the surrounding region.

Our mission is to foster and encourage social, educational, cultural, and philanthropic activities among our members. We firmly believe in the power of connection and strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where women from all walks of life can come together, share their unique experiences, and embrace their culturally rich backgrounds.

While our name may suggest an exclusive focus on Americans, we take pride in our diverse membership. In fact, 60% of our members come from nearly 40 different countries around the world. This melting pot of cultures enriches our Club and allows us to learn from one another, fostering a truly global perspective.

Whether you're a newcomer to Luxembourg or have called this country home for years, the AWCL offers a warm and welcoming space for you to connect, grow, and thrive. We cherish the opportunity to create lasting friendships and provide support to women at every stage of their journey.

Join us today and become part of a dynamic community that transcends boundaries, celebrates diversity, and embraces the spirit of empowerment. Together, we can make a difference in each other's lives and contribute to the vibrant fabric of Luxembourg's multicultural landscape.


In 1947, an extraordinary friendship blossomed between two young American women residing in Luxembourg. Mary Elvinger and Katherine Dupong, both married to Luxembourgers, crossed paths and instantly connected. However, it was a chance encounter that set the wheels in motion for a remarkable initiative.

One day, while exploring a local store, Mary overheard a woman speaking English and approached her with warmth and curiosity. Surprisingly, Mary discovered that this woman had been in Luxembourg for six weeks and hadn't encountered anyone who spoke her language until that moment. This encounter ignited a realization within Mary that something had to be done to extend a warm welcome and provide assistance to newcomers in Luxembourg.

Motivated by their shared vision, Mary and Kathy teamed up with Marie Taylor, who was married to the First Secretary of the American Embassy. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Marie reached out to club leaders across Europe, seeking guidance and support. The response was overwhelming, as numerous individuals generously offered advice and assistance.

After several discussions, with some taking place in Luxembourg and one pivotal meeting in Paris, a passionate group of individuals came together and formally voted to establish the American Women's Club of Luxembourg. This momentous decision marked the birth of an organization dedicated to creating a sense of belonging, support, and community for international women residing in Luxembourg. 

Today, the American Women's Club of Luxembourg stands as a testament to the power of friendship, collaboration, and the desire to make a difference. We continue to honor the spirit of our founders, extending a warm welcome to newcomers and providing a nurturing environment where friendships are forged, experiences are shared, and support is readily available.

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